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ALLEN Physics, Chemistry, Biology Extra Edge book for NEET-UG in Hindi (Set of 3 books Combo)

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Key Features:-

  • Based on new pattern of NEET-UG
  • NCERT based questions as Assertion & Reason, Statement Based, Match the columns.
  • Different pattern questions Covered synchronized with current scenario
  • Aiding students in developing a problem-solving methodology for NEET-UG.
  • Helps Students in Developing advanced-level skills to attempt questions efficiently within time.


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Extra Edge Physics:

The “Extra Edge for NEET-UG Physics Exam Preparation” offers a distinct advantage. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of essential topics, aligning with the evolving exam pattern. Rooted in NCERT-based questions, it ensures a solid understanding of Physics concepts according to the NEET-UG syllabus. The book addresses recent trends in the exam, encompassing various pattern question types, making it an invaluable resource for students striving for excellence in the medical entrance examination.

Extra Edge Chemistry:

“Extra Edge for NEET-UG Chemistry Exam Preparation” is your ultimate companion to excel in the Chemistry section. Focused on the NCERT syllabus, this book helps students establish a strong foundation of concepts essential for NEET-UG success. With advanced question types like Assertion & Reasons and Match the Columns, & Statement-based questions, it ensures a refined grasp on the subject. Developed by ALLEN Kota’s Expert Faculties, the book is designed to align with the latest trends in the NEET-UG exam, providing students with the competitive edge they need to stand out.

Extra Edge Biology:

Building a robust foundation in Biology is paramount for success in the NEET-UG exam, and “Extra Edge for NEET-UG Biology Exam Preparation” is a game-changer. Focused on NCERT-based questions, this book ensures a profound understanding of Biology concepts. Crafted by Biology experts at ALLEN Career Institute, Kota, with over three decades of guiding students, the book incorporates advanced question types for a comprehensive grasp of the subject. With this resource, aspiring medical students are equipped to shine brightly among their peers, confident in conquering every challenge the exam presents.

In conclusion, the “ALLEN Physics, Chemistry, Biology Extra Edge Books Combo for NEET-UG” provides students with the necessary foundation and edge to outperform their competition in the highly competitive NEET-UG examination.

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ISBN: 9789395576956

Binding: Paperback

Page No.: 344

1 review for ALLEN Physics, Chemistry, Biology Extra Edge book for NEET-UG in Hindi (Set of 3 books Combo)

  1. Saksham Jain

    Hindi medium me best combo laga mujhe to for NEET-UG preparation.

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