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Best NCERT Solutions for Class 12

ALLEN E-store Best NCERT Solutions for Class 12


NCERT Solutions are highly recommended as a good start towards preparing for class 12th board exams. It contains the latest syllabus issued by CBSE and helps to build a strong foundation in basic concepts. However, many students find it difficult to understand all the concepts from these books as the topics get complex and vast over time. This is when it becomes very crucial for students to have access to additional appropriate resources.

One such resource that has gained prominence and is considered the best study material for students is the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 by ALLEN, a renowned name in the field of education. The main aim of NCERT Solutions for Class 12 is to develop strong understanding in fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, and informatics practices.

The book is apt for students who find it difficult to understand solutions provided in the NCERT text book. The book acts as a perfect companion as it makes the exam preparation a smooth process.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 12

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 by ALLEN stands out among other options available due to the following reasons:

Detailed and Step-by-Step Solutions (Topicwise)

The solutions provided in the book are meticulously crafted by ALLEN Expert Faculties, providing step-by-step explanations for each problem Question. This approach helps students grasp the underlying concepts and the logical sequence of solving problems.

Clarity in Concepts

The book offers clear and easy to understand explanations to all the questions present in NCERT Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology textbook that ensure that students get the clarity for building a strong foundation in different topics, which is essential for tackling more advanced topics in the future.

Alignment with Exam Patterns

The book provides a solution in a way that is very well aligned with the latest CBSE Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science & Informatics Practices Class 12 exam pattern (Updated for 2023-24), ensuring students are exposed to the right set of content for board exam preparation.

What Makes ALLEN’s NCERT Solutions the top choice for high achievers?

Students who have used NCERT Solutions by ALLEN found it very helpful and consider it as among the best NCERT solution books. Some of key reasons includes:

Written by the highly qualified ALLEN Kota board faculties 

ALLEN, a prestigious coaching institute, with their highly qualified faculties that has years of experience has curated comprehensive solutions for each chapter in the NCERT Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science & Informatics Practices Class 12 textbook. Therefore, the solutions provided are undoubtedly the most reliable and trusted solutions that one can find today in the market.

Strategies to excel the board exam

The book not only provides solutions but also equips students with effective strategies and insights to excel in board exams. It guides students towards success in their academic journey that are also helpful while attending various competitive exams.

Chapters covered in NCERT Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science & Informatics Practices Solutions

The books cover all chapters present in NCERT Class 12 book and recommended by CBSE. The English Core NCERT Complete Guide offers thorough preparation for every section of the exam paper, including Reading, Writing, and Literature. Meanwhile, the Practical book for Computer Science and Informatics Practices offers both practical’s and NCERT solutions along with Viva Voce Questions, helping students in efficient preparation

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NCERT Class 12 Physics Solutions

  1. Electric Charges and Fields
  2. Electrostatics Potential and Capacitance
  3. Current Electricity
  4. Moving Charges & Magnetism
  5. Magnetism and Matter
  6. Electromagnetic Induction
  7. Alternating Current
  8. Electromagnetic Waves
  9. Ray Optics & Optical Instruments
  10. Wave Optics
  11. Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
  12. Atoms
  13. Nuclei
  14. Semiconductor Electronics, Materials, Devices & Simple Circuits

NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Solutions

  1. Solution
  2. Electrochemistry
  3. Chemical Kinetics
  4. D & F Block
  5. Coordination Compound
  6. Haloalkanes And Haloarenes
  7. Alcohol, Phenol & Ether
  8. Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acid
  9. Amines
  10. Biomolecules

NCERT Class 12 Mathematics Part I Solutions

  1. Relations And Functions
  2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  3. Matrices
  4. Determinants
  5. Continuity And Differentiability
  6. Application Of Derivatives

NCERT Class 12 Mathematics Part II Solutions

  1. Integrals
  2. Application Of Integrals
  3. Differential Equations
  4. Vector Algebra
  5. Three Dimensional Geometry
  6. Linear Programming
  7. Probability

NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions

  1. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  2. Human Reproduction
  3. Reproductive Health
  4. Principles of Inheritance and Variation
  5. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  6. Evolution
  7. Human Health and Disease
  8. Microbes in Human Welfare
  9. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
  10. Biotechnology and its Applications
  11. Organisms and Populations
  12. Ecosystem
  13. Biodiversity and Conservation

Computer Science Practicals & NCERT Solutions for Class 12 by ALLEN

  1. Revision Of The Basics Of Python
  2. Function
  3. File Handling
  4. Data Structure
  5. Data Communication & Network Topologies
  6. Database Concepts
  7. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  8. Interface Of Python With SQL Database

Informatics Practices Practicals & NCERT Solutions for Class 12 by ALLEN



Chapter-1 Introduction to Python Libraries

  • Topic-1 Introduction to Python Libraries
  • Topic-2 Data Frames

Chapter-2 Data Visualization


Chapter-3 Database Query Using SQL

UNIT-3: Introduction to Computer Networks

Chapter-4 Introduction to Computer Networks


Chapter-5 Societal Impacts

  • Topic-1 Cyber Safety
  • Topic-2 Ethical Issues
  • Topic-3 Cyber Crime and IT Act
  • Topic-4 Technology and Society

English Core NCERT Complete Guide for Class 12 by ALLEN

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Creative Writing Skills
  3. Flamingo (Poetry)
  4. Flamingo (Prose)
  5. Vistas
  6. CBSE Paper With Solution (2021-22)
  7. CBSE Paper With Solution (2022-23)
  8. CBSE Sample Paper With Solution (2023-24)

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ALLEN’ s NCERT Solutions are available on E-Commerce Platforms

Due to the huge demand for NCERT solutions, ALLEN has made these books easily available to major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart & other platforms for JEE/NEET exams. This allows students from any part of the country to take advantage of highly valuable resources and prepare for excelling in the Class 12th board exam.

Grab your copy of the updated version of NCERT Class 12 Solutions for Physics, Chemistry, mathematics, and biology in English.


Relying on ALLEN’s Study Material is a prudent decision, given its proven excellence. With a reputation for quality content and effective educational resources, ALLEN provides a trustworthy foundation for students aiming for academic success.

Students are well aware that the book is not just about scoring well in exams, but about developing a profound understanding of the subject that will serve as a solid foundation for future academic and professional pursuits. 

You get the most recent sample paper issued by CBSE, together with expertly made mock papers and a strategic focus on high-priority questions. This will undoubtedly help you get a competitive edge, aligning your aspirations with excellence in CBSE Class 12 examinations.

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