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ALLEN Physics Handbook For NEET (UG) Exam (English) | NON RETURNABLE

3 reviews

Key Features

  • It offers a level of depth that is unmatched by other resources.
  • The book is designed to be flexible and accessible, making it ideal for both beginners and repeaters.
  • It presents complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand and revise.
  • Included Dictionary of physics terms useful for competition.
  • With more than 3 Decades of excellence behind it, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality resource that will stand the test of time.


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The Physics Handbook for NEET-UG Exam by ALLEN is intended to assist students who are not enrolled in traditional classrooms to become proficient in physics and succeed in the fiercely competitive NEET-UG exam. It is the outcome of extensive research, conforms to the most recent exam format, and has been created by skilled faculty members who have been mentoring NEET-UG aspirants for many years.

The Physics Handbook for NEET-UG Exam by ALLEN Career Institute is an excellent resource for NEET-UG aspirants, offering easy-to-understand material that can be studied independently without the need for a mentor. As exams approach, the handbook becomes a valuable revision tool that helps to develop advanced-level skills in Physics. In addition to its comprehensive coverage of the subject, the handbook also includes a unique Physics dictionary that provides a useful reference for students. Important terms & definitions, providing a comprehensive guide to the subject.” presented in the ALLEN Physics Handbook for NEET-UG make it a highly comprehensive and effective revision guide.

ALLEN Physics Handbook is a comprehensive resource that covers a wide range of topics. It includes material from the following chapters/topics: Unit & Dimension, Basic Math & Vector, Kinematics, NLM & Friction, Circular Motion, Work, Energy & Power, Com & Collision, Momentum, Rotational Motion, Shm_Oscillation, Wave Motion & Doppler’s Effect, Elasticity, Thermal Physics, Kinetic Theory Of Gases, Electrostatics, Gravitation, Current Electricity, Capacitance, Magnetic Effect Of Current & Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, AC & EM Waves, Modern Physics, Ray Optics & Optical Instruments, Wave Nature Of Light & Wave Optics, Error & Measurement, and Semiconductor. This Handbook serves as a valuable reference tool for students, providing them with a comprehensive guide to the subject.

The Handbook of Physics is a concise and versatile reference book that summarizes various equations and formulas in a clear and organized format. It is designed for daily study and provides problem-solving and exam revision assistance to students in class XII, Medical entrances, and other competitive exams. With a stimulating overview of fundamental physics, it is a useful resource for both beginners and repeaters.

Product Details

ISBN: 9789395576727

Binding: Paperback

Page No.: 170

3 reviews for ALLEN Physics Handbook For NEET (UG) Exam (English) | NON RETURNABLE


    This book has for its NEET-UG aspirants who are preparing with 12th class.


    This book is excellent for Preparing Physics NEET-UG alongside 12th.


    I suggest considering this book as it supported me during my own NEET exam.

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