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ALLEN Physics At a Glance (CROP) in English | NON RETURNABLE

2 reviews

Key Features

  • It offers a basic to advance subject matter which is unmatched by other resources.
  • Provides ample solved examples & practice questions with detailed solutions, familiarizes students with the types of questions asked, helps evaluate the understanding of each topic, identifies weaknesses, and serves as an effective way to revise all topics quickly The book is designed to be flexible and accessible, making it ideal for NEET (UG) Aspirants.
  • With more than 3 Decades of excellence behind it, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality resource that will stand the test of time.


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The ALLEN Physics at a Glance (CROP) is a highly sophisticated and comprehensive book exclusively designed for NEET-UG aspirants who are not enrolled in ALLEN. This exemplary book is drafted by the erudite ALLEN faculties and comprises the entire Physics syllabus, including solved examples and practice questions with solutions. The CROP book is an indispensable tool for students preparing for the NEET-UG exam, owing to its self-explanatory format and in-depth coverage of the subject matter. This meticulously researched and expertly crafted book provides a complete understanding of Physics, enabling students to excel in the exam.

The ALLEN Physics at a Glance (CROP) book provides extensive study material for NEET-UG aspirants seeking to learn concepts and develop advanced skills in Physics. The solved examples included in the book cover basic to advanced question styles, and the topic-wise practice questions enable students to revise and practice specific topics at their own pace, which is particularly useful in building their confidence and preparation. The detailed solutions provided in the book help students identify and rectify misconceptions, develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and build their problem-solving skills, including advanced skills that are necessary for the NEET-UG exam. Overall, the book is a meticulously crafted and comprehensive resource that offers an unparalleled opportunity for NEET-UG aspirants to learn concepts and develop advanced skills in Physics. 

This ALLEN Physics At a Glance (CROP) is a comprehensive book containing extensive study material, including the following chapters/topics: Basic Mathematics used in Physics & Vectors, Units, Dimensions & Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of motion & Friction, Work, Energy & Power, Circular Motion, Collisions & Centre of Mass, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Properties of Matter & Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Oscillations, Wave Motion & Doppler’s Effect, Electrostatics, Capacitor, Current Electricity & Heating Effects of Current, Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, EM Waves, Ray Optics & Optical Instruments, Wave Optics, Modern Physics, Semiconductor & Digital Electronics, and Solutions. Every concept is explained in both practical and written format to improve the overall learning process. It is prepared by ALLEN experts for continuous practice of NEET aspirants in an easy format with multiple examples, including illustrative diagrams and extensive notes for better learning.

ALLEN Physics at a Glance (CORP) in English is an indispensable resource for students preparing for the NEET UG exam, whether they have taken classes or not. This book provides extensive knowledge of the Physics subject and helps students learn and prepare for the exam with the proficiency and expertise of ALLEN. It familiarizes students with the types of questions asked in the exam and provides ample practice to improve their conceptual understanding, speed, and accuracy. The book also enables students to evaluate their understanding of each topic and identify weaknesses, which is critical to cracking the exam. Reviewing the questions and concepts in this book is an effective way to revise all topics quickly, enhancing students’ preparation for the exam. Therefore, ALLEN Physics At a Glance (CORP) in English is an essential resource for NEET UG exam aspirants seeking a comprehensive preparation guide.

Product Details

ISBN: 9789395576802

Binding: Paperback

Page No.: 240

2 reviews for ALLEN Physics At a Glance (CROP) in English | NON RETURNABLE


    When it comes to NEET exam preparation, this book is a game-changer.


    If you’re serious about NEET-UG and 12th grade, this book is a reliable choice.

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