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Best CBSE Class 12 Practical Book

ALLEN E-Store Best CBSE Class 12 Practical Book


Practical work is a significant aspect of the CBSE class 12 curriculum. It often covers subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Informatics Practices. These practicals are intended to assess students’ ability to perform experiments, interpret results, and apply theoretical knowledge in real-life situations. Students are required to participate in hands-on exercises that allow them to demonstrate their laboratory abilities, accuracy, and understanding of scientific ideas.

CBSE conducts practical examinations with 30 marks for subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and 20 marks for Mathematics. Practical exam success demonstrates a student’s ability to effectively blend theory and practical abilities.

Students often feel the need for an additional book for Class 12 practicals as they seek more understanding, detailed procedures, and more information beyond the standard textbooks. One such resource that is considered the best study material for students is the Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Class 12 Practical book by ALLEN, a renowned name in the field of education.

cbse combo books for class xii

Key Features of CBSE Class 12 Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Practical Book

The latest edition of CBSE Class 12 practical Book set are available in the following 3-in-1 combo

These set of book stands out among other options available due to the following reasons:

Aligned with the latest CBSE Curriculum

Students can completely rely on the book as it contains experiments and activities in accordance with the latest curriculum issued by CBSE for the year 2023-2024. This ensures a high level of relevance and compliance with the board exam preparation.

Written by the highly qualified ALLEN Kota board faculties 

ALLEN, a prestigious coaching institute, with their highly qualified faculties that has years of experience has curated comprehensive activities in the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Informatics Practices Practical book. Therefore, the solutions provided are undoubtedly the most reliable and trusted solutions that one can find today in the market.

Theoretical Concepts

The book also contains theoretical concepts in the most relevant proportion offering concise explanations. This ensures students develop a deep understanding of the scientific principles with respect to each experiment or activity.

Viva-Voce Practice

The major plus of the book is that it includes enough viva-voce questions to ensure students get adequate practice and get an idea of what to expect in the final viva voce. It also plays a great role in improving students ability to explain and defend their information.

Compact Compilation

The book presents a compact compilation of all the relevant topics in a precise manner. The book also follows easy to understand language that suits students with different learning styles and preferences.

Comprehensive Details

The book covers all the essential details such as apparatus used, principles involved, authentic diagrams, proper observation methods, and tables are meticulously included, ensuring a thorough and well-rounded learning experience for students engaged in practical work. Thus, this approach aims to facilitate a seamless integration of theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing students effectively for Class 12 board examinations.

Comprehensive NCERT Solutions

For subjects like Computer Science and Informatics Practices, the books encompass not only practical procedures along with viva voce questions but also provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand NCERT Solutions. This ensures that students have access to all the necessary resources within a single book for exam preparation.

cbse combo books for class xii

ALLEN’s CBSE Class 12 Practical Books are available on E-Commerce Platforms

Due to the huge demand for Practical books, ALLEN has made them easily available to major ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart & other platforms for JEE/NEET exams. This allows students from any part of the country to take advantage of highly valuable resources and prepare for excelling in the Class 12th board exam.
CBSE Class 12 practical Book set for Physics, Chemistry, mathematics, biology, CS & IP in English.


Unlock success with ALLEN’s Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Class 12 Practical book! It is considered the Best book for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Class 12 Practical as it provides the best combination of curriculum-aligned content, clear theoretical explanations, viva-voce practice, clear presentation, and deep details. By thoroughly following the book, students can be confident and score great in the CBSE board exams.

You get the most recent sample paper issued by CBSE, together with expertly made mock papers and a strategic focus on high-priority questions. This will undoubtedly help you get a competitive edge, aligning your aspirations with excellence in CBSE Class 12 examinations.

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